January 29, 2022

Valentines Card Making

Includes supplies for 5 cards including stamps. 

Noon to 3pm RSVP to 360-593-6208...................................$25


February 12, 2022

Valentine Pain & Sip

3 to 6pm Acrylic Painting. Valentine Owl.

Includes wine. RSVP to 360-593-6208..................................$35


February 26, 2022

Color Theory

Exploration of color mixing. Noon to 3pm.                             

RSVP 360-593-6208...........................................................$25


March 12 & 13, 2022

Watercolor Workshop

Explore watercolor techniques, including tips & Tricks to create movement and depth. RSVP 360-593-6208.......................$100


March 17, 2022

Celtic Knot Line & Wash..............3pm to 6pm.........$25


March 19, 2022

Earring making. Learn basic wire wrap techniques. You'll make 3 pairs of earrings. Includes wire and beads. Tools provided...............................................................................$35

Come and paint with us!

The last mural class was fun. Below are the images we painted during the class. Our theme was Owls.

Paper Mache

2 day class


Aug 31 and Sept 1 

6 pm to 8 pm



Let's make a couple of interesting creatures!!!

We'll make both of these guys in a few days, paint them and seal them. Bring some newspaper,(not the glossy adds) or some tissue paper, an empty soda can, an empty plastic bowl and some baking flower. Paint and brushes and a sealant will be provided. 

Bring a friend or two. You can bring your own wine. Glasses and a cork screw are available.

Classes are $30 per person

Space is limited to 10 so reserve your spot in advance.  Reservations can be emailed to  mindsculptor1@gmail.com


We hope you will join us and spend some time creating with friends

Watercolor class

every Thursday

3pm to 6pm. 

Call 360-593-6208 to, or email 3tamarad@gmail.com or, just drop in. Everything you'll need is provided and part of the $25 fee.

For other Classes Call Tammy360-593-6208

to reserve your space today

we will meet in a class the first two days then spend the next 4 painting our mural. Contact Douglas Orr at 562-208-4226 or send an email to mindsculptor1@gmail.com.  We will be creating an actual mural during the class on an building near to the Aberdeen Art Center which students will be encouraged to work on between classes. All Materials provided.

Class fills up early so reserve your spaces now

Learn to Sculpt rather than carve your pumpkin. Bring a pumpkin and design of your choice. You are welcome to bring a bottle of your favorite wine. Lets get to sculpting pumpkins! Don't bring a fancy pumpkin, white ones and ones with all the warts are too difficolt to sculpt so please stick with the good-old, fashioned, plain pumpkin. We will provide some designs in case you can't find anything want to sculpt. Everyone will be shown how to sculpt a sunflower with a face in it like the one pictured to the right if they can't settle on a pattern.

We will be provide;

Sculpting tools

A few patterns for you to create something different.

A string of lights to light your pumkin.

Wine glasses and bottle opener . So, lets sip and sculpt.

You bring;

A sharp pearing knife,

some creative samples or patterns or use ours,

A plain, regular pumkin of any siize, no matter the shape. Sometimes a ugly-shaped pumpkin can be fun to work with.

Bring an open mind, make some new friends and have a great time!

The price is $30 per person, paid in advance.

Limited seating is available, so sign up early by calling Douglas Orr at 562-208-4226 or send an email to mindsculptor1@gmail.com

Cass will be held in the Classroom in the Aberdeen Art Center, 200 W Market Street in Aberdeen. "K" Street entrance.

Mural Painting 101

August 13 & 14,  Aug 20 & 21, Sept 3 & 4, 2022     

1pm to 3pm          

Instructor Douglas Orr         

Six 2 hour classes $150




Classroom rental is $35 an hour. Pay for 4 hours and get 4 hours fee, $140 max for an eight hour day

Classroom seats up to 20. To reserve space, contact Douglas Orr at mindsculptor1@gmail.com or call 562-208-4226

If you are interested in taking a class or teaching a class that is not listed, please feel free to contact Douglas Orr. If you would like to have a group attend a class  or host an event, such as a birthday or bridal party. We also welcome  new ideas for fun art classes. We currently have a list of people interested in taking classes, so let us add your name to the list and see if we can't get a class together.

Contact Douglas at 562-208-4226

Do you have an idea for a class?

Something you would like to learn? let us know at mindsculptor1@gmail.com.

Have a group of friends you'd like to take a class with? We can customize any class just for you. What works for you works for us.

Class dates are on a first come first serve basis so sign up now.

Birthday parties, class or group reunions, family gatherings and life are all possibilities for a fun time at the Aberdeen Art Center.

Call us at 562-208-4226

$35 an hour classroom rental fee.

Classroom has water and a sink area, is next to rest rooms and is ADA compliant.


Pumpkin Sculpting Class

October 22, 6 to 8pm or Oct 27



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