Hosstyle Ink

Skin Art is a medium that's been around since the dawn of mankind and is a beautiful art form. More and more, the once thought of as "gangster" markings, are now widely accepted by the general public. The Arberdeen Art Center is proud to offer this type of art to our patrons at Hosstyle Ink, our very own tattoo shop. Please stop by and check out the art on display and maybe get a tat or two while at the center.

Phantom Galleries

It is the goal of the Aberdeen Art Center to help beautify the downtown district. One of the ways to do this is to create Phantom Galleries in vacant downtown storefronts.

Artists wishing to have their art displayed in a Pantom Gallery should contact Douglas Orr at 562-208-4226. Window displays will change out bi-monthly.

All Phantom Gallery exhibits include the art, information about the art and artist, and how the art can be purchased.


Summer Art Camps

Summer art Camps will be available for students as space becomes available. Students will take part in painting an outdoor circle mural, build crafts, take part in art related-projects, visit art galleries and learn about art.

Our Phantom Gallery program was adopted from the similar program that we used in Long Beach California. The program was used in Palm Springs and Los Angeles as a means of blight control. Participating properties must have electricity to light the art and allow the store front to be cleaned and sometimes painted.

Classroom Space

Classroom space is available for one-on-one individual lessons or for multi-student classes up to 20. The 450 sq ft class room seats up to 20 at the work stations or more for pad or easle work. Special rates are available for on going classes. Class spaces are in close proximity to restrooms and sink area for clean up.

Artists wishing to offer art classes at the center should contact Douglas Orr for rental rates at 562-208-4226

The Aberdeen Art Center strives to provide local artists avenues to create, show and sell their art, and at the same time, help build a more vibrant and liveable community.

Downtown Phantom Galleries

Art in the Community

The "Art in the Communiy" program is an ongoing program with various projects like Murals on the Walls and Sculpture Gardens being planned throughout the year.

Eagles Phantom Gallery










K St Window

Alder Grove Gallery

Ader Grove Gallery is a 2100 sq-ft gallery dedicated to the artists of the Washington Coast and all their unique differences. We pride ourselves in showing a wide mix of artistic styles from contemporary to traditional, and everything in between. Exhibits at the gallery are generally two months long. The gallery will also  include some consignment art.

Check out our Gallery page for more information. Also see us on Facebook.

Goldbergs Phantom Gallery #1

117 W Wishkah St, Aberdeen, WA

Goldbergs Phantom Gallery









East Window

Goldbergs Phantom Gallery










West Window

EXPO Phantom Gallery

Long Beach CA

Phantom Galleries

Properties wishing to take part in the program need to;

  • Provide access to building
  • Provide electricity for window lighting
  • Secure location once Gallery is in place.
  • Allow AAC to touch up paint, clean windows and remove decals, clutter and dirt.



Reiners Phantom Gallery

Reiners Phantom Gallery

Reiners Phantom Gallery

Reiners Phantom Gallery #2

Reiners Sporting Goods Building

223 East Whiskah

Aberdeen, WA

West Windows
North Windows

Harbor Art Guild's

Six Rivers Gallery

Located in the old Alder Grove Gallery space next to the post office in the Aberdeen Art Center.  The 800 square feet gallery is co-op and features monthly themed exhibits of artwork by its members.

For more info click here.

Meeting Spaces

We offer meeting spaces for arts groups and communitee organizations. Spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be reserved in advance by stopping in and talking with Director Douglas Orr or calling 562-208-4226


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