2 Eagles
2 Eagles Stuart May, Photograph, 20x30, $399
Curiosity Lora Malakoff, oil on canvas,30x30, $2150
Ellies Dinosaur Egg
Ellies Dinosaur Egg Julie Guerrero, Acrylic on canvas, $265
Unraveled Jim Harris, Oil on canvas, 36x54, $1200
Arch Images
Arch Images David book, Acrylics on Canvas, $300
The Muse
The Muse Lyn Hayes, Alcohol Ink, 29x29, $600
Moon David Book, acrylics on canvas, $300
Dense Jungle
Dense Jungle David Book, Acrylics on Canvas, $600
Changing Season
Changing Season Jenny Fisher, Acrylic on canvas, $375
Pouty Alexandra Anderson, Graphite and mixed media on paper, $125
Neptunes Rock
Neptunes Rock Julie Guerrero, Acrylic on canvas, $365
Street Car
Street Car Stuart May, Print on canvas, 20x30, $399
Winter Rose
Winter Rose Judy Horn, Mixed media, 11x14, $165
Fire and Water
Fire and Water Lora Malakoff, oil on canvas, 30x30, $3500
Three Jelly Fish
Three Jelly Fish Sharon Gochoel, five layer fusion glass, 20x22, $545
Robin Davis
Robin Davis
Rainy Night in Old Town
Rainy Night in Old Town Judy Horn, mixed media, 11x14, $165
Blue Intrusion
Blue Intrusion Jim Harris, Oil on linen, 20x24, $400
Be Koi
Be Koi Lyn Hayes, Alcohol ink, 25 1/2x21, $350
Guardian of the Birds
Guardian of the Birds Loni Lou LaQuill, mixed media, $105
Quinault Merriman Falls
Quinault Merriman Falls Patti Stennett, oil on board, $350
Undersea World
Undersea World Sharon Gochoel, fusion glass, 14x16, $425
Antoinette Cake
Antoinette Cake Jim Harris, oil on canvas 30 x 49 $800
Fingers Alexandra Anderson, mixed media on paper, $125
Horeses Stuart May, photography,20x30, $399
Impatiens Julie Guerrero, Acrylics on Masonite $200
Rain Shine
Rain Shine Cheryl Stevenson, Water color, 11x14, $135
Dark Forest
Dark Forest David Book, Acrylics on Canvas, $300
Robin Davis
Robin Davis
Three Turtles
Three Turtles Sharon Gochoel, glass fusion, 5x10, $545
Ancient Sea
Ancient Sea David Book, Acrylic, $600

Alder Grove Gallery offers a mix of Contemporary, Urban and Traditional Art by Coastal Washington Artists.

New exhibits will be shown every two months.

Alder Grove Gallery


Image by artists Lora Malakoff and Julie Guererro

Current Exhibit


Larger than Life

OpeningDecember 1

Running thru January 26



Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

12pm to 6pm



Joseph Kinnebrew

Juli Guerrero

Abe Singer

Robin Davis

Lyn Hayes

Irene Richardson

Jen Miller

Judy Horn

Loni Lou LaQuill

Lora Malakoff

Cara Beth Stevenson

Douglas C Orr

Kristi Beitzel

Stephen Phifer

Jim Harris

Patti Stennett

The Polished Road Jewelry

Arlene Eubanks

Jan Elmer

Nancy's Flowers

Vincent Bloom

Sharon Gochoel

Merlin Jenson


Stuart May

David Book

Nancy Eichenberger

Christi Haskey

Jacquin Horton

Patricia Jollimore

Sarah Eichenberger



Join us for our monthly

First Fridays Art Walks in the Aberdeen Art Center

Open 12noon, art walk runs 5 to 8pm

Join us for music art & fun!








Larger Than Life exhibit

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